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  • Gas Predictor for Tampa, Florida!

    How much will gasoline cost tomorrow? Should you buy gas at today's price, or would you save money by holding off until tomorrow and paying a lower future gas price?

    Gas Price Prediction for Presidents Day Weekend, February 17 - 19, 2018

    Posted to the Web February 16, 2018, 5:57 PM EST.

    Change in Futures: +0.008

    Change in 2nd-Lowest Retail: -0.01

    Pressure: +0.009

    Trend for tomorrow: Steady

    Trend for next 2-3 days: Up

    Price range through next business day: 2.494 - 2.519

    Recommendation for tonight: Buy gas tonight.


    1. Pressure is steady for tomorrow, and only very weakly upward for the next 2 to 3 days. Retail prices are most likely to hold steady, but they could go up by a penny or so per gallon. Recommendation is to buy gas tonight because prices are more likely to rise than to fall, but they are not likely to rise by much tonight.
    2. When pressure is steady for tomorrow and upward for the next 2 to 3 days, our algorithm predicts a range of prices for tomorrow which includes both increasing and decreasing prices. It also makes the general recommendation to buy gas tonight or not. While the best possible outcome is that the recommendation to buy or not to buy results in a net savings (or at least no loss), we will still claim a correct prediction even if gas prices move in the opposite direction, as long as they are within the predicted range. Our prediction is just not as definite as it is in most circumstances.
    3. Even though prices in Tampa fell by a penny per gallon today, when we had called for steady prices, today's price is within the predicted price range, so we'll still call that a successful prediction.

    Commodities markets are closed, Monday, 02/19/2018, for Presidents Day. Check back after 5:30 PM EST Tuesday, 02/20/2018 for our next prediction.

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    Check here to get the predictions at about 6:30 PM Eastern every business day. You'll know tomorrow's gas prices in time to decide whether to buy gas tonight or to hold out for better prices tomorrow! Save a few cents per gallon each time you fill up.

    Why bother? Gas prices are just going up and up, so what's the big deal about a prediction? Prices are simply going up and there's nothing you can do about it, right? Not really! Once in a while, prices halt in their upward trend, and even move downward. That is your opportunity to save money on gas. If you know when prices are going to fall, you can make sure you have room in your tank to take advantage of it. Or if you know prices are going up tomorrow, you can fill up before they rise. And that's what is all about!

    This is the forecast for the Tampa area. Check the Local Gas Prices for other areas.

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