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  • Gas Prices in the Las Vegas, Nevada Area

    Why are these prices so much different from what is predicting and reporting?

    1. These prices can include cash-only prices, member-only prices, and/or discounts for ancilliary purchases like car washes.
    2. These prices are reported and tabulated throughout the day, and reflect a "sliding window" of time. If prices are changing rapidly, the price displayed here will be different from when we recorded our prices.
    3. These prices include an entire metropolitan area, while our prices are generally restricted to the city proper.

    So your predictions don't reflect reality. What good are they? We believe our "second cheapest" price is an accurate reflection of what most people in a given city pay for gas. And our prediction of the direction in which gas prices are changing from one day to the next is very accurate. See How to Use Gas Predictor for a more detailed explanation.

    We base our gas price forecasts on the second cheapest prices of regular unleaded gasoline in Las Vegas. The prices reported below are the lowest and highest for the Las Vegas metropolitan area, and not the prices we are actually using in our predictions.

    For specific areas in Las Vegas, or elsewhere in Nevada, or anywhere, please enter your ZIP code:

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    Enter the city or region and state for which you would like to see more precise predictions. We will concentrate our efforts on those places receiving the most requests first. We will need a Web site that provides reliable information on current gas prices in the area, so please provide a URL if you know of one. Ideally, this would be a Web site that makes their information available via RSS feed, but we'll figure that part out.

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