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    General Privacy Policy

    This first section applies to all visitors to Please see below for additional special information for subscribers and for those submitting gas saving tips.

    Please note that the Gas Predictor Article Directory is maintained as a separate subset of this site. Although it also has a strict and responsible privacy policy, the details are different enough that they are treated in a separate privacy policy found on that subdomain.

    We hate spam. Our business is to provide you with information you can use. We don't try to make a buck by selling your information. You can trust us to safeguard any information you provide here and not to publish it or share it with anyone else.

    Brief Summary:

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    Examples of these third-party advertisements:

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    Except as described for "Affiliate Programs," we do not collect any private information without your knowledge. The only private information that may be collected here is your name and/or e-mail address which you may enter on our Contact Form. If you do not send us a message on our Contact Form, or if you send a message but do not request a reply, we do not have any private information about you. If you subscribe to our newsletter, you enter a good deal of private information on PayPal's secure site, and some of that is transmitted to us via e-mail.

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    Subscribing to our Newsletters

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    Submitting Gas Saving Tips

    If you submit one or more gas saving tips to, the same General Privacy Policies described above apply to you. However, since the process of submitting tips requests additional information from you, we need to spell out exactly how we will use that information.

    • By submitting a tip to, you grant us nonexclusive and worldwide permission to publish your tip on our Web site. We may choose not to publish it, or not to publish it right away, but you have granted us that right.
    • By submitting a "screen name," which may or may not be your real name, you grant us the right to publish that name on our Web site by way of attribution. If we choose to publish your tip, we will include the attribution, "Submitted by {screen name}" If you enter your real name, or an otherwise identifiable screen name, be aware that you have given us permission to publish it on our Web site. We suggest that you not use enough of a real name to invite identity theft. For example, "Bill from Buffalo" is not likely to cause problems for you. In any case, we will not use your screen name in any inappropriate manner.
    • You may optionally include your Web site address with your tip. If so, we may choose to make your "screen name" a clickable link to your Web site. The intent here is to allow you to use your submission of tips as a way to gain exposure and traffic to your Web site. We offer this option as a service to you.
    • You may optionally include your e-mail address, and you may check the "Acknowledgement Requested" box. If so, we will not publish this e-mail address, but we will use it to let you know when and if we have published your tip. After that acknowledgement has been sent, we will not retain your e-mail address, and we will not use it for any purpose other than to send the acknowledgement that you requested.

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